Frequently Asked Questions for Camera Set-Up

Q: I can't see the classroom on my computer (desktop) or smart phone, what does Loving Arms™ recommend?

A: Different devices and their updates effect how we are able to view applications in/on those devices. Loving Arms™ Child Care and Preschool provides the opportunity for parents/guardians to view their children as a benefit to enrolling in a full-time program. We are unfortunately not providing technical support related to the camera system beyond the basic set-up for most devices, browsers, and apps - as defined below:


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Camera Help

For Desktops:

<< Open your Camera View >> using Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome browser and login.

Step 1: Click on “Please install plugin and restart browser" and save file to your "Downloads" folder.


Step 2: Click "Save File"


Step 3: Save the file to your "Downloads" folder.


Step 4: Double Click on GvNPRT_installer.exe (file you just downloaded)


Step 5: If you are prompted for User Account Control permission, click "Yes". You will be prompted to close your browser before continuing.


Chrome: When you get the following message, close Chrome browser and check system tray for Chrome icon - if present click and exit.


Step 6: << Open your Camera View >> again. Enter your login details (user name and password).


Step 7: Click on "Activate nprt gvx"


Step 8: Activating the plugin:
For Firefox: Click "Allow" or "Allow and Remember"

For Chrome, there's a red "x" in the address bar, click on it.

Everything should be working!

For Smart Phones: