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At Loving Arms™ Child Care and Preschool, we believe parents and guardians should have access to helpful information for our children's growth, early education development, family relationships and safety. We also believe parents should have access to child care resources and financial assistance. We have provided some of those resources below:

LaFarris, Inc. Brown Bag Parenting™ Articles - Brown Bag Parenting™ is quick, fun and informative. With Brown Bag Parenting™, you’ll learn that sometimes the simplest of activities can cause the greatest amount of joy for you and your child. - Written by LaFarris L. Risby, CFLE

US Consumer Product Safety Commission U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Blog - Latest information provided from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Blog for child safety and recalls.

The Official Newsmagazine of the American Academy of Pediatrics - Read their Parent Plus Articles or subscribe to their latest health alerts and information. - Visit their website.

More Information:

Frequently Asked QuestionsFor Frequently Asked Questions about Loving Arms™ Child Care and Preschool (including those recommended by Child Care Aware® of America for parents regarding their child care providers), please click here.